Russian opposition denounce Putin after blast

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Russia's opposition on Tuesday denounced Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's government and the inefficiency of security forces after a suicide attack killed 35 people at a Moscow airport.

"The government turned out to be absolutely incapable in fighting corruption, which is a feeding ground for terrorism, supported by bureaucrats," a Communist Party member of Russia's lower house State Duma, Vladimir Ulas, was quoted by Interfax as saying at a parliament session.

The government failure was clear on many levels, from ethnic clashes to unemployment and poverty in the North Caucasus region, Ulas said, adding that Putin should be summoned by the Duma to give some answers.

Communist Party deputies have remained the only vocal opposition in the Russian parliament, which is dominated by United Russia, a party headed by Putin.

Opposition party Pravoye Delo (Just Cause) also said Monday's attack was a result of failures of the authorities.

"When it comes to... detaining peaceful demonstrators, security forces report stopping disturbances," the party said in a statement.

"When the issue is... providing security at transportation hubs, they just shrug," it said.

Boris Nemtsov, one of the founders of the opposition Solidarity movement, said Putin bears total responsibility for the attack, as it was Putin who promised to wipe out militants in the North Caucasus when he became Russia's president in 2000.

"We were convinced that we must sacrifice freedom and democracy for security. We did. Acts of terror have multiplied, while security dwindled," Nemtsov wrote on his blog.

"No matter how much his propaganda machine lies that everything possible is done to ensure security, most people are convinced that the goal of the ruling group is personal gain and keeping their power at all cost. They could care less about our security since they are secure themselves."

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