Parliament raid latest in string of Russian Caucasus attacks

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Militants stormed parliament in Russia's region of Chechnya Tuesday, holding deputies and gunning down guards, in one of the gravest attacks in the conflict-torn region for years.

Herewith a timeline of recent major attacks by rebels in the republics of Russia's southern Caucasus region, where unrest has been endemic for most of the past 16 years:


- October 19: CHECHNYA: A group of rebels attacks the parliament building in the capital Grozny, killing four people, and are themselves killed in a bloody standoff with security forces.

- September 9: NORTH OSSETIA: At least 16 people die in a suicide bombing in a crowded market in Vladikavkaz, the capital.

- March 30: DAGESTAN: At least 12 people, including two bombers, die in double attacks in the Dagestan town of Kizlyar.


- August 17: INGUSHETIA: A truck packed with explosives rams through the gates of the police headquarters in Ingushetia's main city, Nazran, killing 24 and injuring more than 100.

- August 13: DAGESTAN: Eleven people, including four police officers, are killed in an attack on a police checkpoint.

- July 4: INGUSHETIA: Militants ambush a Chechen police convoy, killing 10 officers.


- November 6: NORTH OSSETIA: Eleven die in a suicide attack on a minibus at Vladikavkaz.


September 1-3: NORTH OSSETIA: Chechen separatists operating in the republic of North Ossetia take some 1,200 children, teachers and parents hostage at a school in the town of Beslan. The siege ends in a shootout with troops that kills at least 375 people, over half of them children.


- August 1: NORTH OSSETIA: Fifty people are killed in a truck bomb attack on a military hospital in Mozdok, claimed by Basayev.

- May 12: CHECHNYA: Sixty are killed when suicide bombers drive a truck packed with explosives into a government building in the northern village of Znamenskoye. The attack is claimed by leading Chechen rebel commander Shamil Basayev.


- December 27: CHECHNYA: Eighty-three people die in an attack carried out by three suicide bombers in front of the headquarters of the pro-Russian Chechen administration in Grozny.

- August 19: CHECHNYA: A giant Russian Mi-26 helicopter carrying both troops and civilians is shot down near Grozny by separatists, killing 121 people.

- May 9: DAGESTAN: Forty-three people die in the town of Kaspiysk when a bomb explodes in the midst of a military parade commemorating Russia's victory in World War II.

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