Parisian cabaret teaches Muscovites seduction, French style

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One of the most famous Parisian cabarets, the Crazy Horse, has brought its brand of dangerous curves, tasteful nudity and come-hither glances to Moscow for the first time.

The cabaret, known for its carefully selected nude dancers, attracts large numbers of Russians in Paris, but this week's show, called "Forever Crazy," was its first performance in Russia in its 60-year history.

The show is "90 minutes of seduction, French style: restrained, elegant, based on suggestion," said the cabaret's general director, Andree Deissenberg.

"We are presenting the most beautiful women in the world, a number of whom are Russian," Deissenberg said. "I hope this will be a long-running love affair, and not just a one-night stand."

One Russian dancer who goes by the stage name of FiammaRosa, said how hard she found it to adapt her posture to the sensual style of the cabaret after training as a gymnast.

"At first it was hard to work while constantly arching my back and sticking out my bottom, the opposite of classical dance," said the dancer from the Urals city of Perm, who followed the cabaret's rule of not revealing her real name.

A psychologist by profession, she said she joined the cabaret initially for three months, but has now stayed eight years.

While in Moscow, the cabaret held auditions for new dancers, measuring the women to ensure they met its strict size rules, including a stipulation that their nipples should be exactly 27 centimetres (10.6 inches) apart.

Reactions to the show at the Soviet-era Cosmos hotel seemed to divide along gender lines.

"I expected more. The girls did not reveal the secrets of French seduction to us. For Russians, it should be more lively, with more physical acrobatics," said Yekaterina Lobanova, a medical student.

But men in the audience were more enthusiastic.

"The lighting is fantastic. And their faces! They express different emotions than Russian women do," said Alexei Alyanin, a businessman.

Boris Gomolko, the head of an association of police and FSB security service veterans, went even further.

"The girls are super! I would marry any one of them with my eyes closed," he said.

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