Khodorkovsky broke law by filing reports in English: judge

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A Moscow judge said Thursday that former Yukos oil company chief Mikhail Khodorkovsky had broken the law by filing some of his financial reports in English only.

Adding to the string of other crimes attributed to the jailed Kremlin critic, judge Viktor Danilkin said Khodorkovsky cheated both company shareholders and auditors by failing to provide regular accounts in Russian.

"The company hid information by filing its reports exclusively in English," Danilkin told the court.

Khodorkovsky, who was Russia's richest man when he was jailed in 2003 and then convicted again this week in his second fraud trial, is credited with making Yukos into one of the country's best-managed companies.

He introducing both Western accounting standards and board members to the company and was in the process of selling a stake in Yukos to a US major when he was jailed.

It was not clear which particular financial reports the judge was referring to, or how many such reports Yukos had filed.

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