Four Russians die after drinking Indonesia brew

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Four Russian sailors died and three others were hospitalised after drinking a potent alcoholic brew in Borneo island in Indonesia where their cargo ship had anchored, police said Friday.

"Four crew members have died and three members received treatment at the hospital after drinking an alcoholic beverage," Central Kalimantan maritime police officer Joko Sadono said.

The four dead sailors included three men and a woman from a ship called the Captain Kurbatskiy which had 24 crew members aboard.

"They drank a brew consisting of 95 percent alcohol, which they bought from a local man, and mixed it with their own alcoholic beverage," Sadono said.

One crew member died on the ship late Wednesday and the three others died on their way to hospital the following day, he said.

Sadono said that no autopsies had been performed on the four, because there had been no request from Russian authorities, but that police presumed they died of alcohol poisoning.

The Captain Kurbatskiy is in Indonesia to take on a cargo of iron ore from a port near the city of Banjarmasin which lies in Indonesia's side of Borneo -- a vast island it shares with Malaysia and Brunei.

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