CORRECTED: Road show: Bribe suspect flings cash on Moscow street

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Moscow motorists got a jolt when a corrupt bureaucrat being chased by police tossed 10 million rubles (320,000 dollars) in cash from his car on a main city thoroughfare, local media reported Friday.

The banknotes were scattered across an avenue in the south of the Russian capital and television networks aired footage of investigators patiently collecting the bills as bemused motorists and traffic police looked on.

The incident occurred Thursday when an official of the federal fishery agency suspected of taking bribes threw the cash from his posh Cadillac Escalade SUV when he realized he was about to be caught red-handed by police pursuing him, populist website said.

The suspect official, identified by investigators as Boris Simonov, also got into a minor traffic accident as he attempted to escape, the reports said.

No one was reported injured.

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