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Last update on November 15, 2019

Here are some of the many women’s groups and clubs in the city.

African Women in Moscow

African Women in Moscow is a social group that promotes friendly and informal relations among its members through regular gatherings. During these meetings, they celebrate African culture while attempting to facilitate members’ understanding of their host country.
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American Women’s Organisation of Moscow

The organisation is part of the world-wide network of American Women’s Clubs. The organization sponsors a number of events throughout the year.

Australian and New Zealand Women’s Group

A rather small group, that is glad to welcome all newcomers – Australian and New Zealand female citizens and also spouses of the Australians and New Zealanders. There is a morning tea meeting once a month.
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British Women’s Club

We meet regularly over a cup of coffee and have an organised programme of activities for members and their families.
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Canadian Women in Moscow

Any Canadian passport holder can join Canadian Women in Moscow (CWIM) to meet others Canadians.
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Damas Latinas

Damas Latinas is for woman and families of Latino descent who want tips, advice and an open ear from Latinas in Moscow. Activities include cultural outings, monthly lunches, social events or banquets, charity activities, workshops and more.
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Dutch Women’s Group “The Tulips”

The group is open for all Dutch-speaking women. Once a month they have a coffee hour, gently passing into a lunch. The group also holds some social events, approximately, once in two-three months.
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Moskva Accueil (French Women’s Club)

Moskva Accueol is for Francophone newcomers and existing residents to help new families adjust to their different environment. The club is run by volunteers and supports the exchanging and sharing of experiences, skills, and knowledge of the country with one another.
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International Women’s Club Moscow

Our membership this year is made up of women representing 65 countries. This year we have over 500 members, roughly half of who are new to the club this year. Almost 50% of our members come from Europe – or 60% including Russia! The Asian continent accounts for our next largest group, representing 13% of the club.
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Swedish Women’s Educational Association (SWEA)

SWEA, the Swedish Women’s Educational Association, is a global non-profit organization for Swedish and Swedish-speaking women who are living or have lived outside of Sweden.  SWEA’s mission includes supporting and raising awareness of the Swedish language, culture and traditions. SWEA supports education through scholarships and other projects.

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Moscow Mommy Milk Meetup Group

The Moscow Mommy Milk Meetup is a place for breastfeeding moms to gather for friendship and support. www.meetup.com/MoscowMommyMilk/

Turkish Women’s Organisation

Moscow Turkish Women’s Organization has one general meeting per month (every first Tuesday), and also a number of activities; among them – Turkish holiday celebrations, Turkish Ball and Turkish Bazaar.
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