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Home News Storm drenches Russian PM’s ‘cowboy’ meeting

Storm drenches Russian PM’s ‘cowboy’ meeting

Published on 23/05/2012

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev cut short a meeting Wednesday as wind nearly collapsed the pavilion where it was held, forcing his delegation to run through the storm for shelter.

Medvedev met with Russian meat industry specialists at a farm in the western Bryansk region, holding talks inside a temporary structure with what appeared to be plastic windows and a tented ceiling.

But as the discussion went on, the weather took a turn for the worse and the pavilion started shaking violently.

“I think we better move to a different spot because it’s very windy here,” a worried Medvedev said, as gusts of wind drowned out his words.

Footage aired on state television showed the pavilion rattle from the sudden windstorm, as some farmers tried to hold up the structure’s sides to prevent them from collapsing on their VIP guests.

Officials and cameramen then ran to a nearby garage for farm equipment, where they were shown huddling and looking miserable with their black suits completely drenched.

The Russian prime minister, who has just returned from talks with the G8 powers in the rustic Camp David residence in Maryland, tweeted several pictures from the Bryansk cattle facility.

“Real Bryansk Cowboy”, he called one image, showing himself standing near a man in jeans and a wide-brimmed black hat holding a little boy outside some horse stables.

The government’s website said Medvedev met with real US “cowboys” who came to the Bryansk farm from US states Oregon and Idaho to instruct their Russian colleagues.

An American from Idaho was quoted in Russian as telling Medvedev that Russia has “more rain” which is better for grass, helping cows to “grow big and fat”.