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Russian Superjet lands safely in Siberia after engine failure

A Russian Superjet 100 plane with 80 passengers made an emergency landing in Siberia after an engine failed, an airline spokeswoman told RIA Novosti news agency on Friday.

The engine fault on the plane flying from the Siberian city of Tyumen to Saint Petersburg was caused by a bird being sucked into it, the Yamal airline operating the flight said.

Back in May another of the Sukhoi planes crash-landed and burst into flames in Moscow, killing 41 people.

Russia unveiled the Sukhoi Superjet 100 liner in 2007 as the country’s first post-Soviet passenger plane and a would-be competitor with international rivals such as Canada’s Bombardier.

But its production was hit by delays and the plane developed a reputation as prone to glitches and has not been widely acquired by airlines outside Russia.

Soon after its launch, a Superjet performing at an Indonesian air show in 2012 slammed into a volcano, killing all 45 people on board.