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Russia successfully test fires long-range missile: ministry

Published on 07/10/2010

Russia on Thursday successfully tested its new nuclear-capable Bulava intercontinental missile, its first successful firing for months after a series of embarrassing failures, the defence ministry said.

The missile was fired from the Dmitry Donskoi submarine in the White Sea in North European Russia and hit its target in the Kura firing area on the Kamchatka peninsula on the Pacific Ocean some 6,000 kilometres (3,730 miles) away, it said.

“The parameters of the trajectory worked out as planned and the warheads successfully landed at the Kura firing area,” said a defence ministry statement quoted by Russian news agencies.

The last firing of the Bulava in December ended in one of the military’s worst embarrassments in recent years when the missile disintegrated early in its flight, producing a spectacular plume of light visible over Norway.