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Russia must cooperate with Libya resolution: UN chief

UN chief Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday that Russia has a duty to cooperate with the Security Council resolution that approved air strikes on Moamer Kadhafi’s forces after Russia voiced strong objections to the coalition operation.

Russia abstained in the Security Council vote on resolution 1973 last week, but Ban told a Tunis press conference that once the measure is passed all countries must stick to it.

“Of course there were some countries who abstained, but once it is adopted all the countries of the United Nations has an obligation to fully cooperate so that this resolution could be implemented,” Ban said when asked about Russia’s new complaints.

A US-British-French coalition has led military strikes on forces loyal to Kadhafi since Saturday.

In talks on Tuesday with US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev voiced dismay over what he called the “indiscriminate use of force” by coalition aircraft in Libya.

Earlier, Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov called for an immediate ceasefire and accused coalition forces of killing civilians. Serdyukov said he had told Gates of Russia’s “opposition” to the way the resolution is being implemented.