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Home News Russia fears ‘chaos’ after US mission killings: Putin

Russia fears ‘chaos’ after US mission killings: Putin

Published on 13/09/2012

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday the Middle East was at risk of descending into "chaos" following a deadly attack on the US mission in Libya and incidents in Egypt and Yemen.

“We are afraid that the region may descend into chaos, which is essentially what is happening already,” he said in comments broadcast on state television from his summer residence in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

Putin condemned Tuesday’s attack in Libya that killed the ambassador and three other US citizens as not only a crime but one that also broke conventions on the safety of diplomats working in dangerous conditions.

The culprits “not only put themselves outside the bounds of law, but outside the frameworks of contemporary civilisation,” said Putin.

He also urged the new governments that rose to power in the Arab Spring uprisings to accept greater responsibility for security.

“I would like to point out to the leaders of the new governments, the heads of states where serious changes took place — they must also not forget about their responsibility for what is happening on their territories,” he said.

Putin once compared the 2011 NATO-led air campaign in Libya to a “crusade” and has since staunchly opposed any discussion of a repeat offensive in Russia’s last remaining regional ally Syria.

He also appeared to be directing his comments at Washington by noting that governments needed to take firmer actions against those who harm religious sentiments.

The initial riots are believed to have been sparked by a US-produced anti-Islamic film before protestors were joined by what Washington officials described as Al-Qaeda linked force.

“If the government does not react in a timely and firm manner to provocation aimed at the religious feelings of people, then those hurt, insulted or degraded people, start defending their opinions and interests themselves,” said Putin.

“We all have to treat the feelings of the religious with special attention and care.”