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Home News Libya’s Moscow embassy takes down Kadhafi flag: official

Libya’s Moscow embassy takes down Kadhafi flag: official

Published on 25/08/2011

Libya's embassy in Moscow, which had maintained ties to the old regime, has removed the flag of the Moamer Kadhafi government but has not hoisted a new flag so far, an embassy official said on Thursday.

An embassy official, speaking to AFP, said the embassy had earlier in the day hauled down the old regime’s green flag and the flag of the African Union.

The official, who declined to give his name, said he could not say when the embassy may switch to the new red, black and green banner, which was used after independence in 1951.

Russia, which has traditionally had close ties to Kadhafi, has not rushed to recognise the new regime, with President Dmitry Medvedev saying the Kremlin would recognise the Libyan rebels if they “unite the country.”

Medvedev warned Wednesday that the Kremlin’s old ally Kadhafi still retained influence over the North African country.