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Deadliest metro accidents around the world since 1975

At least 21 people were killed when a train derailed in the Moscow metro on Tuesday, the deadliest accicent ever on the city’s system, one of the world’s busiest.

Here are some of the worst accidents on metros over the past four decades:

– July 15, 2014 – RUSSIA: At least 21 people die and more than 130 are injured after a train derails in Moscow’s packed metro during the rush hour.

The last serious accident on the city’s metro was in 1982, when eight people died when an escalator broke down.

– June 22, 2009 – UNITED STATES: A head-on collision between two subway trains in Washington DC leaves nine people dead and more than 70 injured.

– July 3, 2006 – SPAIN: In the eastern city of Valencia, a metro train travelling at twice the speed limit of 40 kilometres (25 miles) an hour derails, leaving 43 dead and 39 injured.

– February 18, 2003 – SOUTH KOREA: A fire started by a man trying to commit suicide destroys two metro trains, killing 198 and injuring 147 in Daegu, in the southeast.

– March 8, 2000 – JAPAN: Five are killed and 34 injured in a rush-hour collision between two Tokyo metro trains after one derails.

– October 28, 1995 – AZERBAIJAN: 292 people die and 168 are injured when a fire breaks out in the Baku metro when a train is between two stations.

– August 28, 1991 – UNITED STATES: In New York, a 10-carriage subway train derails just before entering a station in Manhattan. Five people die and 130 are injured. The driver is found to be above the legal alcohol limit.

– November 18, 1987 – BRITAIN: A fire on a wooden escalator in London’s King’s Cross underground station kills 31 and injures 150.

In 1975, an error by an underground driver causes the death of 43 people, and leaves more than 100 injured, at Moorgate station.

– February 4, 1977 – UNITED STATES: In Chicago, an elevated railway train topples on to the street below after being hit by another train. Eleven are killed and more than 200 injured.

– October 20, 1975 – MEXICO: In Mexico City, two metro trains ram into each other leaving 23 dead and 55 injured.