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Calling all expats!

Since April 2008, Expatica has partnered with Ruigrok | NetPanel to form the European Expat Panel to look for qualified participants — you. This panel provides the ultimate opportunity for expats to share your views on living abroad.

Survey results are published on Expatica and used as a source of information for articles and other features. More importantly, your views and experiences help Expatica and other companies understand your needs and requirements, and could possibly  improve your quality of life abroad.

“Expats are hot,” said Ruigrok | NetPanel Managing Director Marja Ruigrok. “They are a group of innovators who left the comfort of home for the adventure of living in another country. They are usually highly educated, high-earning world citizens with distinct ideas, needs and preferences.”

”Often, very little is known about expats,” Ruigrok added. “This is the reason as to why Expatica and Ruigrok Netpanel joined forces”  to find out more about the needs and wants of expats.

Surveys which we have conducted over the past few years include challenges faced by women expats, housing, education, finance, labour and general quality of life.

If you are keen to lend your voice, join the European Expat Panel by going to http://onderzoek.netpanel.nl/ep. Share your opinions on the issues that internationals face in every day life. As a panel member, you will receive a maximum of 12 email invitations per year to take part in short online surveys.

Research data and results are available upon request. Organisations in need of information about expatriates can contact [email protected].