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Taxes in Russia

A complete guide to taxes in Russia

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When do taxes in Russia apply to worldwide income? This guide explains who has to pay Russian tax and at which Russian tax rate, inluding Russian VAT. Tax rates in Russia depend on your residency status.

Russia income tax

Calculating your Russian income tax and rates


Russian income tax is applied to all Russian-based earnings. This guide explains who pays income tax in Russia, Russian income tax rates for residents and non-residents, plus Russian income tax deductions.

Banks in Russia

Banks in Russia and Russian currency


Here's a guide to banks in Russia, including a list of the main banks in Moscow and information on Russian currency and currency exchange.

Open a Russian bank account

How to open a Russian bank account


Get to grips with banking in Russia and discover how to open a Russian bank account of your own with this guide which includes information on related topics such as opening a Russian savings account and the Russian exchange rate.

Russian insurance

Russian insurance


Here's a short guide to Russian insurance, including tips on car insurance in Russia, travel insurance for a Russian visa, and life insurance in Russia.

A guide to claiming a Russian pension


Do you qualify for a Russian pension? This guide explains the pension in Russia, Russian pension funds, the Russian pension system, the average pension in Russia and how to apply to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

A complete guide to Russian corporate tax


Russian corporate tax and withholding tax liabilities vary depending on the business structure. This guide explains the various Russian corporate tax rates.

Russian inheritance law

Russian inheritance law and writing a Russian will


When does Russian inheritance law apply to your worldwide assets? This guide explains who is subject to Russian inheritance law and how to write a Russian will to protect your assets.

Retire in Russia

Retire in Russia: Planning your Russian retirement


A guide on everything you need to know to retire in Russia, including the retirement age in Russia, the Russian pension system and other expat tips for Russian retirement.

Transferring a pension

UK pension transfers for expatriates


Chartered Financial Planner Russell Hammond, APFS MSCI, expands on some of the issues affecting expatriates when transferring UK pensions. One of very few advisers providing advice to expatriates holding the coveted ‘Chartered’ title, Hammond is non-commission based and operates exclusively on a fee-only...

How to make QROPS work for you

How to make QROPS work for you


Chartered Financial Planner Russell Hammond, APFS MSCI, expands on some key points about QROPS and how QROPS can be best managed to work for you. One of very few advisers to expatriates holding the coveted ‘Chartered’ title, Hammond is non-commission based and operates exclusively on a fee-only basis....

TorFX - Emigration Focus

Emigration focus: moving money when moving abroad


When it comes to making a fresh start in a new country, knowing where to start planning the move can be a bit daunting. The best way to approach the mammoth list of tasks, including money transfers, is to take them one at a time.

Brexit currency impact

Brexit and its strong impact on currency exchange rates


The monumental Brexit has yielded political, cultural and also economical consequences. Here we explain how the UK's vote to leave the EU has led to significant Brexit currency impacts like lower currency exchange rates and the British pound devaluation.

Best way to transfer money internationally

The best ways to transfer money internationally


To find the best way to transfer money internationally, it’s important to understand the fees, exchange rates and speed of different transfer options.

Pension planning

Portable retirement planning for expats: a solution


Expatica's financial expert Russell Hammond considers some of the issues and wider choices affecting expats in planning for their retirement abroad.

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