Working in Russia
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Teaching abroad

Should you consider teaching abroad?

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There are many benefits to teaching abroad, and the growing number of international schools worldwide means there are many teaching jobs available abroad.

Russian business culture

Business culture in Moscow


Expertise in Labour Mobility provides a guide to doing business in Moscow, including an overview of Russian business culture.

Work in Russia

Working in Russia: Managing in the 'Wild East'


If you're working in Russia, you may find that while business styles have expanded, the international appeal of expatriate managers has slowly faded.

Making the most of networking opportunities

7 costly mistakes to avoid when networking


John B Fisher, Founder of Business for Breakfast, shares expert tips for making the most of networking opportunities.

Social media for business

Tips for using social media for business

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Expatica poll results: How and why Expatica readers use social media for business, plus some expert tips.

EU legislation protects expat employees

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How much are European expats protected by European legislation? Here’s a brief guide to the essential EU legislation provisions for expats working in Europe.

How to work with 'virtual' colleagues


Communication across cultures can be difficult to manage when working online. Ruby Carlino outlines how to successfully work with virtual colleagues across the globe.

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