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10 strange Swiss laws

You may be surprised at some of the things that are illegal in Switzerland. Then again, some others are surprisingly legal. Here’s a few strange Swiss laws that still exist.

Strange Swiss laws

By Expatica

Updated 29-1-2024

It is no secret that Switzerland has more bureaucrats than milk cows. Given that it is illegal to mow your lawn on Sundays, there are a handful of grey-zone things that are actually legal to do in Switzerland! I was inspired by a forum post to come up with this top 10 list, but in no shape or form do I endorse or otherwise encourage any of these activities (wow, that was some sleek lawyer lingo I just came up with)!

Switzerland’s strangest laws

  1. Downloading music and films is legal (only sharing is illegal)
  2. Starting a campfire anywhere in public is legal
  3. Nudity in public is legal
  4. Discrimination based on gender, age, or nationality is legal (job applicants have to list all of these attributes on their resumes)
  5. Prostitution is legal (like in most of Europe)
  6. Negotiating a flat tax vs. paying your tax bracket is legal (for wealthy foreigners only, though)
  7. Not using your turn signals is legal
  8. Euthanasia (assisted suicide) is legal
  9. Smoking pot in public is tolerated (selling your home-grown stash is illegal, however)
  10. Wearing swimming trunk speedos is legal as well (provided you are Swiss)

So, what are your thoughts? Do you even think these things are bizarre, or do you wish your country would allow any of these?