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Top 5 tips for buying a house abroad

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Reduce the risk of legal pitfalls and bad property investments with this guide to buying property abroad.

Many people who have travelled abroad have felt the temptation to purchase property overseas. For example, UK residents often consider buying overseas property in nearby European countries like France or Spain, and real estate agents often locate near popular tourist attractions to sell property to such visitors.

Sometimes the price of foreign real estate can seem very attractive due to the foreign exchange rate favouring the prospective buyers' currency. Tourists can also become enamoured with a delightful travel destination, perhaps leading to an interest in buying overseas property as a way to spend more time there. Still others might be interested in investing in undervalued overseas property based on the view that it will appreciate substantially over time.

Whatever your motivation for buying overseas property, the following top five tips can help assure that you have a more positive experience in doing so.

Tip #1: Investigate the market thoroughly

Although global property price trends do occur, real estate markets in different locales can go through cycles of rising and then correcting lower, which can be independent of each other.

In other words, just because property values are rising in your neighbourhood, does not mean that they are also rising in Spain or France. Such trends are especially important for investors who will typically want to buy near the bottom and sell near the top of a cycle.

Furthermore, some countries prevent or limit real estate ownership by foreigners, so you will want to make sure that you have the legal right to purchase real estate in that country, and under what conditions you can do so, before handing over any money in order to avoid scams or disappointment.

Basically, it really makes sense to do your homework about the real estate market in the country you are considering making a purchase before putting up your money. This includes checking the currency exchange rate and stability in the country you wish to make a purchase (Free currency exchange tools can be found on Expatica).

Tip #2: Obtain professional purchase assistance

Great deals can certainly be had when buying foreign real estate directly from owners. Nevertheless, if you are unfamiliar with the foreign real estate market, then purchasing through a professional real estate agent or from a reputable property developer can provide useful guidance that can help you avoid many pitfalls when buying overseas property.

Such professionals typically have an obligation to see that you are properly informed about the details of the purchase. They will also usually make an effort to complete the deal and assure your satisfaction with it.

Tip #3: Hire a legal representative

Although real estate deals in your country of residence generally do not require the services of a lawyer, having an independent professional attorney representing your interests and watching out for potential legal problems can be invaluable when buying overseas property.

UKForex: Competitive foreign currency exchange

Tip #4: Have key documents translated

Before signing any documents relating to a potential real estate transaction, make sure that you have them professionally translated if they are written in a foreign language, such as French or Spanish, that you are not entirely comfortable reading. In general, you need to know exactly what you and the seller are agreeing to in words that you can clearly understand.

Tip #5: Saving money on mortgage payments

Once you have read, understood and agreed to the terms of an overseas property purchase, you will then need to make arrangements to pay for it.

When transferring funds denominated in your domestic currency to either make a payment in full, a down payment, or a series of smaller mortgage payments, you will probably want to find a better foreign exchange solution than simply visiting your high street bank.

Such local banks typically provide poor forex services, which often involve very wide dealing spreads and limited transaction sizes. Fortunately, you can usually do much better by changing your money through a regular payments service, such as that offered by UKForex.

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10 Comments To This Article

  • Ridley posted:

    on 8th December 2016, 22:13:11 - Reply

    These are some great tips for buying a home in a different area. I definitely agree that you need to research the market as good as you can. The more you know about the local economy and housing market, the better.

  • Jessie posted:

    on 24th August 2016, 22:42:54 - Reply

    I've looked everywhere in the market and haven't found anything, at least that's in my budget. It may be about time that I get an agent. I bet they will have a way of finding something for me. Maybe there's a secret list that they have access to. It could also be nice to have one to help me with the purchase once I find one. 

  • Gregory posted:

    on 22nd June 2016, 15:20:37 - Reply

    Thank you for the great tips about real estate. I had no idea that you should hire a legal representative before you purchase the property. I have been looking into real estate, and this has been really helpful. 

  • 1234 posted:

    on 18th May 2016, 09:37:14 - Reply

    Good tips for buying property . Really thankful

  • Pancho posted:

    on 4th April 2016, 15:40:00 - Reply

    Buying real estate is a risk a lot of the time, especially if it's something abroad. Be it abroad or even locally, you should always put in some research before you buy. Look at the property value trends in the areas and see if the time to buy is right. Whatever you choose to do be careful and cautious! Thanks for that list and information!

  • Tyler posted:

    on 2nd April 2016, 01:48:55 - Reply

    I like what this article mentions about investigating the market thoroughly. I think that researching the property market before buying could be a great way of ensuring you know what you're doing. It's definitely something to keep in mind before I want to buy another home or piece of land. 

  • Lauren posted:

    on 30th March 2016, 22:31:23 - Reply

    Thanks for the insight to hire a legal representative. You talk about how this will help you watch out for potential legal problems, which would really help the whole process go more smoothly. My husband and I are planning on moving abroad and I think that this would be really beneficial for us. Thanks for the help! 

  • zequekestrada posted:

    on 12th February 2016, 05:07:35 - Reply

    Thank you for the five tips for buying a house abroad. It seems like there are a lot of advice about buying property but not too many specific about buying over sees. I found tip three about having an independent professional attorney very useful because I didn't think about possibly the legal problems that could happen. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

  • LasColinas posted:

    on 13th November 2015, 12:04:41 - Reply

    Reserach area thoroughly then visit and stay for a few days if poosible. Be flexible regarding properties. You may instantly dismiss something on the internet, but this could be your ideal property. Set a realistic budget and work around this. Don't forget to factor in legal costs etc. Speak to local ex pats as they will give you an honest heads up on the area. Always use an independent professional solicitor.

  • Brendan Redmond posted:

    on 10th July 2014, 01:58:36 - Reply

    Great advice thank you.

    We are thinking of relocating from New Zealand to the South of Spain hopefully within the next 18 months, we need to sell our house for the correct price, buy in Spain for a maximum of €150,000 and then get a good exchange rate.....fingers crossed !!

    We would love to be in or near a typical Spanish village and say 30 to 40 minutes from the coast.

    The housing market here is very slow, but we have to start somewhere .