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Angela Merkel announces that multiculturalism has ‘utterly failed’ in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkell has stunned many by declaring the ‘death of multiculturalism’ in Germany. In a recent speech to the youth wing of her Christian Democratic Union party, she told the audience that the country had been ‘kidding itself’ to think that migrants and Germans had been living happily side by side. Merkell did not explain exactly why she thought that multiculturalism had, as she put it, ‘utterly failed’ in Germany, but the underlying message seems to have been that the Turkish and Arab migrants who came to Germany in the 1960s as gastarbeiters should have done more to ‘integrate’ into German society. This statement departs from Ms Merkel’s usually more moderate and diplomatic tone on immigration, and follows the expression of strong current of anti-immigrant feeling from other prominent German politicians.

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