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Home News Nine out of ten Swiss are satisfied with their job

Nine out of ten Swiss are satisfied with their job

Published on 19/08/2019

The vast majority of Swiss people enjoy going to work. In a survey by consultants EY, 87% said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their job. 

Although the figure has barely changed since last year, differences between sectors persist. In the construction industry and in mechanical and systems engineering, for example, satisfaction has increased significantly. 

In the banking and insurance sectors, on the other hand, it has declined, although this statement was based on a relatively small number of respondents, EY said on Monday. A total of 1,501 people were interviewed. 

In line with the high level of satisfaction, just under a quarter of respondents said they would “very likely” or “quite likely” change jobs within the next year. This figure drops sharply with increasing age: among 16- to 24-year-olds it is 37%, among those over 55 it is 14%. 

Badly equipped for the future 

About half of those surveyed believe they are well-equipped for the job market of the future. At the same time, almost half believe the jobs of the future will be more attractive. 

What’s more, clear gaps are emerging between the generations and the sexes. 

Young men with university degrees who live in cities are very confident about their future, and are convinced that people cannot be replaced by machines. Older age groups are more sceptical. In addition, women who live in rural areas and have completed basic education or an apprenticeship are also more aware of the risks than the opportunities.