Home News Rare green lizard makes appearance in Switzerland 

Rare green lizard makes appearance in Switzerland 

Published on July 29, 2020

A rare eastern green lizard has been spotted in the Swiss canton of Graubunden. 

The lizard was spotted in the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Münstertal by a participant in a youth study week.  Group leader and biologist Marco Barandun said on Wednesday that this green lizard has not been seen in Graubunden for years. According to Wikipedia the species does not occur in Switzerland at all. 

Goncalves De Barros, one of the 24 study participants from 13 cantons, said the lizard was well camouflaged and sat motionless as he focused on it with his binoculars. “It was a joyful moment for us all.”  

The study leader said participants had been disciplined in respecting coronavirus distancing and wearing masks, while the young people had learned to look at Switzerland with the eyes of a biologist. 

Eastern green lizards’ distribution area ranges over the Balkan Peninsula (south to Central Greece) and the Danube river system to the Black Sea Coast, according to the Eurolizards website.  Some isolated populations exist in Central Europe.