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Home News Government rejects allegations of PR spending spree

Government rejects allegations of PR spending spree

Published on 23/10/2019

The Swiss government says annual spending for public relations and external studies have remained stable over the past ten years.

The costs for the production of public information, including translations into the three national languages as well as vote booklets, amounted to CH80 million ($80million) annually, according to the Federal Chancellery.

In response to a demand by a parliamentarian, the government said cost-saving measures and the increasing use of online information channels had made it possible to avoid higher spending.

The annual costs for external expert studies and expenses for extra-parliamentary commissions dropped to CHF182 million last year, from CHF252 million in 2009, the government statement adds.

The ministry in charge of transport, energy, environmental and communication matters has regularly been the biggest spender for expert studies.

The government says it will continue to regularly check the costs of the administration.

“But beyond that there is no need to take measures,” the statement says.