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Three quarters of Swiss want face masks and more distance

A survey has found that the majority of Swiss residents want tougher measures against Covid-19.

Many of those questioned said that the relaxing of anti-coronavirus measures had gone too far.

For example, most said that people should still keep two metres apart, even though the government recently reduced the distance to 1.5 metres. Throughout Switzerland and across all ages, 74.2% of survey participants said two metres was still “rather to very necessary” in the current situation.

Another 73.8% percent wanted to make face masks mandatory on public transport even though a clear generation gap exists on the subject. The approval rate among those over 60 years of age was 82.5%. Among those under 30, it was 68.2%.

Regarding the ban on demonstrations with more than 300 participants, 76.6% said it was rather to very necessary to maintain the ban.

Published on Tuesday, the representative survey was carried out by market research institute MarketAgent Switzerland on behalf of comparis.ch in June. It included 1,000 people and covered all regions of Switzerland.