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Home News Platform launched to combat sexual harassment

Platform launched to combat sexual harassment

Published on 10/08/2020

An online site has been set up to help fight against sexual harassment of apprentices in Switzerland.

The Unia trade union group on Monday said the aim of the platform was to tackle a widespread problem by offering practical advice to affected apprentices, schools and companies.

The group called for prevention measures, awareness-raising and regular inspections.

“Sexism and sexual harassment have to be tackled at the roots, and softer forms such as sexist remarks must be stopped. An environment which tolerates sexism creates the basis for stronger abuse, even in the workplace,” a statement said.

A study published by Unia in 2019 found that 80% of the young women and nearly 50% of male apprentices surveyed said they had experienced sexual harassment.

One-third of respondents indicated that they had faced sexual harassment at work, another third at school and just over half in their private lives.

The platform is available in German, French and Italian. The launch of the campaign coincides with the start of apprenticeships and the new school year.