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Home News Swiss want to work from home more frequently after pandemic

Swiss want to work from home more frequently after pandemic

Published on 02/04/2020

Four out of five Swiss residents say they would like to work from home more regularly after the coronavirus pandemic is over, according to a survey. 

In response to the pandemic, most countries have put in place restrictions on citizens’ movements, as well as closed schools and certain businesses, forcing many people around the world to work from home. Many companies have also established work from home policies to limit the spread of the virus.

This mass experiment in remote working has been a huge challenge and a strain on resources, human and technological, often causing many parents to simultaneously work from home and look after their children.

Despite the challenges, a survey of 1,000 Swiss residents carried out by Colombus Consulting published this week found that the majority of people questioned had so far found homeworking a positive experience. 

Around 70% said remote working was an effective option and 65% said the Swiss education system was well prepared for distance learning or that it would adapt sufficiently.

Purchasing and investment trends 

Working at home was just one aspect of the consulting firm’s Confidence Index opinion poll, which also looked at the impact of Covid-19 on consumer purchasing and investment, as well as individual perception of the crisis on their future.

Around 43% of people said they remained confident despite the current wave of infections and deaths reported in Switzerland.

Despite the high confidence levels, nearly half (44%) of the respondents said they planned to cancel all or part of their expenses or investments originally planned before the crisis, especially for luxury goods, leisure activities, personal vehicles and financial investments.

The poll found that just over one-third (35%) of Swiss were ready to change their purchasing habits, notably more willing to buy locally, or via smaller outlets.

The authors of the survey said the crisis had revealed a big shift online, with a greater willingness to use the internet for shopping, media, education and health.

Two-thirds of Swiss people questioned said they would be prepared to do all transactions with banks and insurance companies via the internet in the future.