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Renting a property in Switzerland

Renting a Swiss property


Competition to rent Swiss houses is fierce, and it can be hard to find a decent property in Switzerland. Read about the quirks of renting a Swiss house.

Couple buying house

Buying a Swiss property


Get the lowdown on how to buy a house in Switzerland, from rules around foreign ownership to the Swiss home buying process.

Switzerland cities

Living in Switzerland: Best Swiss cities for expats

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Looking where to live in Switzerland as an expat? Here's a guide to the best Swiss cities for expats, including a short description of each major city in Switzerland.

UMS Temporary Housing

Easy rentals for short-term expats: temporary, furnished and serviced apart...


Moving to Switzerland for a few months, or on short notice? A quick and easy solution is to find a serviced apartment: a short-term, furnished rental that will take much of the stress out of your move.

Moving Abroad

Moving abroad with family: making a smooth transition

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Many expats move abroad alone but others come with spouses and children in tow, making the transition to a new country a little more complicated.

Where to live in Zurich


Do you plan to live in Zurich city centre or one of the surrounding areas such as Zurich West? Perhaps you'd rather settle on the shores of Lake Zurich. Here's a guide on where to live in the Swiss city and its sister settlements.

Making the decision: rent a house or apartment in Switzerland


When moving to Switzerland, some imagine buying a quaint mountain cottage at the foot of the Alps. In reality, most people rent in Switzerland rather than buy.

Mortgage papers

Your guide to Swiss mortgages


Learn about the quirks of the Swiss mortgage system to ease the process of getting a mortgage in Switzerland.

Renting in Zurich

Finding a family home in Zurich


Rental expert Karen Schoendorf offers tips to optimise your house searching in Zurich to help get the Swiss house that best suits your family's needs.

Top tips for buying property abroad

Top 5 tips for buying a house abroad


Reduce the risk of legal pitfalls and bad property investments with this guide to buying property abroad.

Relocation in Switzerland

10 things to do before moving out of a Swiss apartment


Here are some practical tips for moving out of your apartment in Switzerland, from terminating your lease to forwarding your post.

Living in Basel

City guide: Living in Basel


Moving to Basel? Here's an introduction to help you explore shopping, nightlife, art and food in Basel, Switzerland.

Moving to Geneva, Vaud

Where to live in Geneva, Vaud and neighbouring France areas

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Whether you're looking to move to Geneva, Vaud or a neighbouring area in France, there are many scenic places in the area to settle into life in Switzerland.

How to invest in property

Top 10 mistakes made when buying a house abroad


If you want to buy property abroad, read these 10 common mistakes made by real estate investors to avoid making similar costly mistakes.

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