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Wind fastest growing energy source in Europe

Published on 05/02/2009

Brussels -- More energy from wind power came online in Europe in 2008 than from any other energy source, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) reported this week.

Of new energy-generating capacity that went online in that year, 43 per cent came from wind power, the group said. This translates to an average of 20 wind turbines being installed every working day of the year.

The growth in production capacity means about 4.2 per cent of Europe’s energy demand will come from wind power. The group says that will mean 108 million tonnes less in carbon dioxide emissions a year, the equivalent of taking more than 50 million cars off European roads.

"The figures show that wind energy is the undisputed number one choice in Europe’s efforts to move towards clean, indigenous renewable power," said Christian Kjaer, EWEA’s chief executive.

The group said it saw the most growth in Germany and Spain. The group also said it was seeing market growth in eastern Europe.