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Where expat living is good

Published on 04/09/2008


The most desirable locations for expats are the US, UAE and Singapore, according to a recent survey of more than 2,000 expatriates.

The least desirable locations include UK, ranked at 14, and France, ranked at 13. Both ranked low for luxury and accommodation. Australia, ranked at 10, scored well on levels of luxury, ability to earn and save and accommodation but low for longevity.

The Netherlands topped the longevity rating with 82 percent of expats now living in the Netherlands having been there for three or more years, followed by Germany (77 percent) and Spain (76 percent).

Ireland and New Zealand have the greatest percentage of global travellers, with more than three quarters of respondents originally from both countries stating that they had been away from home for longer than three years.

If you want to get rich, then move to Hong Kong; expats based here have the highest salaries in the world, according to the survey: 49 percent of expats there earn more than BPS 100,000 a year, with the highest paying professions being in finance and management. Other top countries for saving were India and the UAE.

Brazilian, Irish and Australian expats were identified as the wealthiest.

Expats found the UK to be the most expensive location for accommodation, with more than three quarters (85 percent) of expats living in the UK saying that their living costs had increased. India was ranked as the cheapest location to live in.

The UK also came out as the least luxurious location, with decreases recorded in nine of the 11 categories of perceived luxuries such as access to private healthcare, access to more than one property, ability to own a pool and to employ staff. The UAE was ranked the most luxurious destination, followed by Singapore and India.

The report entitled Expat Existence is the first in HSBC Expat Explorer Series.  The 2,155 expatriates from across four continents, who took part in the survey were questioned about challenges and difficulties that come with a life away from home.

As well as rating living standards, the ability to earn and save, and the level of luxury experienced, expats were asked how easy they found it to integrate, how they viewed the changes in their lifestyle, and their children’s experiences in a new country.

View the full league table at  http://www.expat.hsbc.com/1/2/hsbc-expat/expat-experience

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