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Swiss army chief resigns amid stalking affair

Published on 21/08/2008

21 August 2008

BERNE — Swiss Army chief of staff Roland Nef resigned on Wednesday following allegations of sexual harassment.

The Swiss government’s Federal Council in a statement said it has formally accepted Nef’s resignation.

Nef, 49, tendered his resignation after he was suspended from service in July after Zurich prosecutors launched investigations against him over allegations that he had stalked and sexually harassed his ex-girlfriend over an extended period.  The Swiss media reported the case against Nef has ended.

Swiss President Pascal Couchepin thanked Nef on Wednesday for his commitment to the post, expressing regret over the circumstances of his departure.

The scandal has also brought Swiss Defence Minister Samuel Schmid under scrutiny, with calls from various political parties for his resignation.

At the end of 2007, Schmid had supported Nef for the job of army chief without informing other members of parliament about the sexual allegations hanging over Nef.

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