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Swiss raise money for those affected by Bondo landslide

Aid groups are rallying to support the stricken Swiss village of Bondo, where clean-up, reconstruction, and loss of business are set to cost millions.

On Thursday, just over a week after a massive landslide descended on the Graubünden town, the Swiss Solidarity organization opened a dedicated donation stream to collect money for the rebuilding efforts.

Some CHF300,000 ($311,870) will be released immediately, the group said: CHF60,000 for affected individuals, and CHF240,000 for small and medium-sized businesses impacted by the sudden shock.

The donation fund is accessible here; proceeds will go towards longer-term reconstruction efforts and compensating lost incomes.

Money received that goes beyond the needs requested by Bondo will be re-diverted to a fund covering storm victims in Switzerland, the group noted.

Years of rebuilding

The initiative comes a day after another solidarity group, called “Patronage for mountain communes”, announced that it would be donating CHF500,000, as well as establishing a fund of its own.

Its president, former Swiss cabinet minister Hans-Rudolf Merz, called on individuals and towns, as well as businesses and foundations, to contribute to the