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Call for revenge during Swiss army training causes furore

A video showing a Swiss army instructor encouraging recruits to think of their cheating companions before opening fire on targets has caused indignation among women’s organisations.

It is unclear where exactly the video – first published on the website 20 minutes – was filmed. It shows a group of recruits lying on the ground preparing to shoot at targets.

“You return home and find your companion in bed with someone else. How will you react?” the instructor can be heard saying in Swiss German before soldiers open fire.

On Thursday,a group of women’s organisations sent an open letterexternal link to Defence Minister Guy Parmelin, complaining about sexist and extremist attitudes in the army and the trivialisation of violence against women. The letter called for the enforcement of a zero-tolerance attitude towards sexism, as well as gender sensitisation training for personnel.

An army spokesperson said that a military investigation will examine the incident.

The Swiss army is male-dominated, as all men are required to complete military service. Despite some calls to encourage women to join, very few enlist and they make up less than 1% of the militia.