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A new cabinet minister, vaccine shortages and Swiss banks in Indian schools

These are the stories on our agenda for the week beginning September 18, 2017.


Is there a place for private, for-profit investment in the international development sector dominated by governments, non-profits and wealthy donors? We look at the world’s first Development Impact Bond backed by Swiss bank UBS that aims to get Indian girls into school and improve learning outcomes.


First, wealthy Switzerland is struggling to maintain stocks of 16 key vaccines, forcing doctors to adapt their practices. What’s causing the shortfall, and what’s being done about it?

Then, in the week’s big event, a new cabinet minister is chosen to replace outgoing Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter. We’ll have the results of the election and, as the story develops, information on the potential re-shuffle of duties among the seven members of the Swiss cabinet.


Our coverage and analysis continues about the newest member of Switzerland’s cabinet. How might the person chosen affect the direction of the country’s government?


We look at efforts and the potential for a paternity leave policy in Switzerland, where there is currently no mandated time off for new dads.

What you may have missed last week: