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Private jet crashes at airport in Swiss Alps

Published on 13/02/2009

GENEVA - Two people were killed and a third injured after a private jet crashed into a wall of snow at eastern Switzerland's Samedan airport, Swiss news agency ATS reported Thursday.

The plane took off from Vienna just after 14h00 GMT, and was scheduled to land at the airport in the Swiss Alps an hour later.

The Falcon 10 business jet skidded while landing at Samedan, crashing into a wall of snow, said ATS, quoting Swiss local police.

The impact tore the plane apart, completely destroying it. Police said the cause of the accident was unclear.

The accident was the second at the airport in a week. On Friday, 6 February, a pilot failed to bring a private business jet to a prompt stop, with the plane skidding on the runway, but no one was injured.

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