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Pregnant women should not use public whirlpools

Published on 08/09/2008

8 September 2008

MUNICH — Spending time in a public whirlpool can be relaxing, but pregnant women should avoid them as germs in the water can be quite dangerous for both the expectant mother and her unborn baby.

According to Germany’s professional association for gynaecologists in Munich, the warm temperature of the whirlpool and the relatively small amount of water lend themselves to the proliferation of germs and can create a risk of genital infection.

"As mothers-to-be already are at risk of fungal and other infections of the vagina, they should avoid such baths," said Klaus Koenig, vice chairman of the association.

During pregnancy, a genital infection such as chlamydia can lead to eye and lung disease in the unborn child and also increases the risk of a premature birth.

The association said public indoor and outdoor pools in Germany pose no danger. The water in those pools is strictly monitored and germs multiply less rapidly.

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