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Mass graves discovered ‘weekly’ in Libya: ICRC

Mass graves are being discovered every week in Libya, the international Red Cross said Wednesday, noting that it has dealt with the remains of 125 people at 12 sites in and around Tripoli.

“As mass graves are being discovered on a weekly basis, the International Committee of the Red Cross is striving to bring answers to grief-stricken families of people who have gone missing and to ensure that any human remains uncovered are properly handled,” said the relief agency in a statement.

“The ICRC has helped to ensure that the remains of 125 people found at 12 different sites in and around Tripoli have been handled properly,” it added.

In addition, the group has helped to recover the remains of 34 people at another location — in Al Qala’a in the Nefusa mountains.

Two forensic experts have also been sent to the field to support others already working on the treatment of human remains.