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Keep fit while watching TV at the same time

Published on 07/08/2008

7 August 2008

HAMBURG – Too lazy to go to the gym? Several gadgets, that can easily be stored under lounge furniture, are on the market to help you keep up the training while you are watching TV or listening to music.

– A balance board is a wooden board with a ball underneath. It might take a little practise to stand on it but with time it can help improve coordination, body balance, foot and waist muscles.

– The Flexi-Bar looks like a bow with a rubber knob on either end. It was developed by physiotherapists. By swinging the gadget, vibrations are created which help to keep the deep spine muscles active, according to the manufacturers.

– Exercise or latex bands are relatively cheap gadgets that can be used for several stretching exercises. There are different colours for different resistance levels.

– Exercise balls are also useful alternatives. They are available in different categories. Small balls can be used to stand on and to massage the feet. The bigger ones can be used as stools and to massage the back and next muscles.

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