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Ikea owner still the richest person living in Switzerland

Ikea furniture store owner Ingvar Kamprad is still the wealthiest resident in Switzerland, according to a survey published Thursday by the German-language newspaper Bilanz.

The Swedish-born founder of the international chain came in top for the sixth year running with a fortune estimated at around 36 billion francs (32.6 billion dollars).

The Oeri-Hoffman klan of Basle maintain second place with a fortune estimated at around 18 to 19 billion francs (16.5 to 17.4 billion dollars), about two billion less than the previous year due to pressure on shares at the pharmaceutical giant Roche, the main source of the family’s wealth.

The Brenninkmeijer family, owners of the clothing chain C&A moved up from fifth to third place with a fortune of 15 to 16 billion francs (13.7 to 14.7 billion dollars) due to investments in renewable energies.

Up to 120 people or families resident in Switzerland for tax purposes now possess a billion franc fortune. The 300 richest have a total wealth of 529 billion francs (484 billion dollars), 74 billion more than the previous year.

Formula-1 chief Bernie Ecclestone, is worth five to six billion francs (4.6 to 5.5 billion dollars), while world champion Michael Schumacher is in seventh place with between 900 million to a billion francs (824 million to 915.5 million dollars).

The stars of the music world also resident in Switzerland are Canadian pop singer Shania Twain (400 to 500 million francs, or 366 to 457.7 million dollars), the British pop star Phil Collins (300 to 400 million, or 274.6 to 366 million dollars) and US singer Tina Turner (200 to 300 million francs, 183 to 274.6 million dollars).

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