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How has networking helped your career? (poll)

Published on 10/02/2009

Expatica and Ruigrok | Net Panel (a market research agency in Amsterdam) is inviting all expats who are sent abroad to work by their business or governmental organisations to take part in this online survey on the influence of networking on one’s career.

This short questionnaire is being conducted as part of a research project by the University of Amsterdam. In the first question, we ask that you provide information on your network and hope that you can take the time to consider all your networking contacts. Most of the remaining questions are in multiple-choice formats, allowing you to answer on either a 5 or a 7-point scale.

The results of the survey will be treated confidentially; your identity and individual answers will not be recognisable in the report.

For every completed form, EUR 1 will be donated to charity organisation UNICEF.

In case you have any questions about this study, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to take part in more surveys and share your perspective about life abroad, join the European Expat Panel by going to http://onderzoek.netpanel.nl/ep. As a panel member, you will receive a maximum of 12 email invitations per year to take part in short online surveys.