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Get your free six month subscription to Zoomlee Pro, the App for stress-free travel

How to download the app

Go here to register.

Enter the code: EXPTP06P (please note that the 0 in the above code is the number ‘0’). 

And that’s it; you can now travel with ease! 


Zoomlee (http://www.zoomlee.com), is the world’s first intelligent storage application engineered to securely store all personal and immigration documents. Developed for the international traveler in the digital age, Zoomlee can be downloaded for free. The Zoomlee app is built with end-to-end security features to eliminate the risk and complexity international travelers face every day. Users have the option to download a customized app to fit their specific needs. With multiple adaptations of the app to choose from, there is a version to satisfy the needs of every corporate business traveler or Expat, student studying abroad, frequent international tourist or an entire family traveling together

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