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Family of 4 found dead

Published on 09/03/2009

GENEVA - A family of four were found shot dead in their home near Geneva on Friday in what Swiss police suspect was a domestic incident.

Officers discovered a 52-year-old man and his 47-year-old wife along with their sons, ages 16 and 19, in an apartment in the suburb of Carouge. Neighbours alerted the authorities after becoming concerned about the family’s whereabouts.

A handgun was found inside the apartment, police said. Police declined to provide further information on the victims’ identities except to say they were from Geneva.

Switzerland has a high rate of firearms-related deaths, blamed by critics on the wide availability of guns and rifles. The Alpine country has a militia army and comparatively loose gun control laws.

The Defense Ministry estimates that there are about 2.2 million firearms in the nation of 7.5 million people.

Campaigners in February collected enough signatures to force a nationwide referendum on whether to confine army weapons to military compounds.

A date for the vote is not yet set.

AP / Expatica