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Expatica Launches Expansion to Italy

The online resource for international living expands to Italy with informative guides on moving to and working in the Mediterranean nation.

EXPATICA, a prominent online resource for internationals living abroad, has launched a new website for Italy. Expatica offers essential information in English, relevant to anyone who works, studies, or lives in the vibrant coastal country.

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The new site also offers a multitude of online services, including housing and job portals, dating profiles, and a directory filled with local businesses, consultants, and service providers.

Expatica’s articles and how-to guides are written for internationals by internationals. They cover everything from applying for visas and finding a job, to navigating the local health and education systems, and building a sustainable life abroad.

“For many, moving to a new country can be intimidating and even lonely at first. Our mission is to help make the transition smoother through access to information and resources,” says Expatica General Manager Marco Congestri.

“This is an exciting moment for everyone because, for the first time in almost three years, COVID-19 no longer restricts global relocation. People can pick up and move to a new country to study, work, or reunite with loved ones. With around 500,000 immigrants moving to Italy each year, it’s clear that this launch is a vital expansion for the community we serve.”

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Founded in the Netherlands in 2000, Expatica has over 1 million monthly unique visitors and an ever-growing portfolio of 16 country-websites spanning Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Congestri concludes, “We hope that by widening our geographic reach, more internationals living abroad will discover Expatica and choose our site to learn about their new homes. This launch is just one of many impactful expansions coming in the next few years.”