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European parliament urges EU to stop ‘gay couple’ discrimination

Published on 15/01/2009
STRASBOURG – Members of the European Parliament on Wednesday urged EU states to put an end to discrimination against gays, women and gypsies within the bloc.

In a report which condemned the high number of human rights violations across the region, MEPs called on the 27 EU member countries to recognise the rights of same-sex couples, already enshrined in some of them.

It also criticised persistent gender inequalities, excessive anti-terrorism policies and the ongoing discrimination facing gypsies, notably by the police in countries like Italy.

"It is high time the EU practices what it preaches. The European Commission wants to be a champion of human rights, but sadly every day we hear about anti-discrimination laws being flouted by member states," said Spanish deputy Ignasi Guardans.

Same-sex marriage is legal in a number of EU countries, including the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Belgium. While countries such as Britain, France and Germany recognise same-sex civil unions for tax, inheritance and other purposes.