Home News Big price differences for drinks at Euro fan zones

Big price differences for drinks at Euro fan zones

Published on 21/05/2008

21 May 2008

VIENNA – Football fans on a tight beer budget are advised to consider carefully where they want to watch Euro 2008 games in the official host city fan zones.

Beer prices will vary considerably within and between the host nations Austria and Switzerland at the June 7-29 tournament.

Beer will be most expensive at Vienna’s fan zone – thirsty fans can expect prices of EUR 4.5 for half a litre, while in Zurich the same amount can be had for CHF 6 francs (EUR 3.68).

The regular price in Vienna for half a litre of beer is EUR 3 – 3.50.

Fans in Austria have to pay EUR 3.3 in Innsbruck and EUR 4.5 for a large beer in Vienna, while those who choose Switzerland have to pay between CHF 5 for 0.4 litres in Berne and CHF 7 for 0.5 litres in Geneva, excluding deposits for the plastic cups.

The same goes for soft drinks and water. A large soft drink costs between EUR 3 and 3.5 in Austria, while in Switzerland the same drink is available for CHF 5

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