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Air travel security law amended

Published on 11/04/2008

11 April 2008

BRUSSELS – The EU said Thursday it has changed rules on carry-on luggage to allow air travellers to view a list of banned items that had been available only to staff for security reasons.

Until now, there were two lists – one that was public and one that was made available only to airline staff. That created confusion for travellers, some of whom were barred from getting on flights because they had items on the secret list.

The new rules took effect this week and require governments to maintain a single, public list of banned carry-on items.

The change also defuses a legal problem before the EU high court. EU Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston had urged the European Court of Justice to annul the EU law on the carry-on items lists, saying it was illegal to maintain a list that travellers could not consult.

She noted the complaint of a passenger who was ordered off a plane at the Vienna airport in 2005 for carrying tennis rackets on board. Tennis rackets were only on the list given to airlines.

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