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The day Switzerland’s women had enough

Published on 14/06/2020

On June 14, 2019, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets demanding gender equality in Switzerland. Thirty one Swiss women photographers decided not to join, but to document the strike from their perspective.

The colourful demonstrations and noisy protests across the country took place 28 years after the first Swiss women’s strike in 1991. They attracted media coverage around the world, and it led to broader discussion about inequality and discrimination faced by women, whether in the job market or at home.

The photographer Yoshiko Kusano, from Bern, came up with the idea that she and her female colleagues should comprehensively document the women’s strike from a female perspective. Over 30 photographers joined her in an effort to capture the day’s mood and atmosphere. This gallery is a selection of the results of this collaboration.

A more extensive photobook, titled “Wir” (We), will be published this year.

The photographers

Basel: Eleni Kougionis, Corina Rainer, Eleni Kougionis. Berne: Annette Boutellier, Béatrice Flückiger, Carmela Harshani Odoni, Danielle Liniger, Karin Scheidegger, Margareta Sommer, Monika Flückiger, Yoshiko Kusano, Christine Strub. Bienne: Sabine Buri. Jura&Vaud: Hélène Tobler. Lausanne: Mercedes Riedy, Nora Rupp. Lugano: Sabine Cattaneo. Lucerne: Franca Pedrazzetti. Neuchâtel: MurielAntille. Rapperswil: Manuela Matt. Paudex: Francesca Palazzi. St. Gallen: Tine Edel. Zurich: Johanna Bossart, Corina Flühmann, Ursula Häne, Caroline Minjolle, Sabine Rock, Marion Nitsch, Iris Stutz, Ruth Vögtlin, Katharina Wernli, Sabine Wunderlin, Anja Wurm.