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Swiss to launch charm initiative in China

The government plans to launch a major promotion campaign in China ahead of and during the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games.

As part of a 12-month tour across China, the House of Switzerland – a cultural centre that the foreign ministry has been setting up for such occasions since 2004 – will showcase the diversity of Switzerland along with partners from business, tourism, science and culture.

“The campaign in China offers the opportunity to further deepen bilateral relations,” a government statement said on Wednesday.

 “Major sporting events provide great emotional potential, attracting significant attention from the public and the media alike, both at the venue and internationally.”

The government said it will provide CHF7 million ($7 million) for the project, which is due to start in 2021, with about one third to be financed through sponsorship.

Trade ties

The decision comes a day after the finance ministry announced that Swiss President Ueli Maurer is travel to China next week for a state visit. He will also be accompanied by a finance and business delegation.

During the week-long trip, Maurer, who is also Swiss finance minister, will hold talks with the Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Prime Minister Li Keqing, the finance ministry announced.

Switzerland is set to sign an accord as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, boosting cooperation on trade, investment and project financing in third markets.