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The writing’s on the wall, roof and façade

Indoors or outdoors, signs are all around us. They tell us where we are and signify a building’s identity. Zurich’s Museum for Design is celebrating Swiss sign design with an exhibition “3D-Schrift am Bau” (3D signs on buildings).

We are all aware of the term 3D – three-dimensional – when talking about films, virtual reality or printing. This technology can enhance visual perspective and the dimensions used for sign-making, the subject of the exhibition at the Museum for Design. Visitors can see examples of how designers experiment with technology and new materials.

With a focus on Swiss signage, the exhibition also presents a selection of international inscriptions for buildings and their surroundings. There are 24 projects presenting 3D writing on the outside and inside of buildings. The designers of the 3D typefaces, including architects and artists, work in interdisciplinary teams. 

The exhibition 3D-Schrift am Bau runs until April 14, 2019.