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Home News Sonic boom caused by fighter jet triggers calls to police

Sonic boom caused by fighter jet triggers calls to police

Published on 29/07/2019

A Swiss army F/A-18 jet breaking the sound barrier was responsible for the loud noise that alarmed residents of Lausanne on Monday. 

The boom – which was heard around 2:50pm in the city of Lausanne on Lake Geneva – alarmed residents and elicited many calls to the police. It was caused by the sound barrier being surpassed by one of two Swiss army F/A-18 jets that scrambled to action from the Emmen air base. The reason for their need for speed was an aircraft that had lost radio contact.  

The army did not specify the location of the incident beyond the fact that it occurred in the canton of Vaud where Lausanne is located. No further details were given of the mission except that it ended without problems.  

Sonic boom caused by American F-18 Hornet:

Earlier this month, the army’s aerial display team Patrouille Suisse surprised participants at a yodelling festival. The acrobatic pilots made a mistake with the location and were meant to perform at the centenary of the death of local aviation pioneer Oskar Bider six kilometres away.