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Home News One in two Swiss is happy with personal finances

One in two Swiss is happy with personal finances

Published on 03/01/2019

One Swiss in two is satisfied with the state of their financial situation, according to a study. Just under a third (28%) expect their finances to improve in 2019. The French-speaking population is feeling much more positive than last year.

In 2018, one fifth of French-speaking Switzerland still believed that their financial situation was deteriorating, according to the online survey conducted by the innofact polling firm on behalf of the Internet price comparison platform Today, this figure has dropped to 16%. Nearly a third (29%) of French-speaking Switzerland’s population is dissatisfied with their finances, compared to 39% a year ago.

One in five Swiss women can afford almost everything or have no money problems. Six percent of them indicate that they are having difficulty making ends meet.

Men more optimistic than women

When it comes to money matters, the outlook of men appears rosier than that of women. One in three men expect their financial situation to improve, compared to one in four women.

Such optimism decreases with age for both sexes. Forty percent of those under 36 expect their finances to improve, compared to one in three for 36 to 55-year-olds. The ratio is one in seven for those over 56.

No skimping on housing

If spending had to be reduced, 62% of respondents see significant savings potential in electronics and 58% in clothing. Only 31% of them imagine giving up their vehicle and 23% their passion or hobby. And a mere 7% would be willing to look for cheaper housing in case of financial difficulties.

The survey was conducted in December 2018 and consulted 1043 people across Switzerland.